Westboro Baptist Church: “Mandela Is Burning In Hell”

It does not matter who you are and what you do, there will always be people wanting to rain on your parade. Case in point: I was not surprised—but perhaps more alarmed reading Westboro Baptist church’s unpleasant tweets about Nelson Mandela.

In a series of explosive remarks and videos posted on social media, the controversial US church claims that the former South African president has been sent to hell for adultery, due to his divorce from his first wife Evelyn, and his marriages to the “wild murderess” Winnie Mandela, and “young widow” Graca Machel.

“Mandela’s in hell! Evelyn his wife. Bare him 2 sons. He fooled around & threw her out like trash. 1 Son died in crash. The other of AIDS,” they said in one tweet. The organisation also criticised media outlets and political world leaders for their tributes, tweeting:

“Look for 60 minutes to do lying puff piece on Nelson Mandela pretending he’s holy. They’re awful sin-enabling liars. Barack Obama spend millions worshiping Mandela’s dead carcass. The true religion of doomed broke idolatrous USA”

The church, known for their extreme ideologies, claim that Mandela is burning in hell alongside Paul Walker, Ghandhi, John Lennon, Cory Montieth, Lou Reed, Mathew Shepherd, Steve Jobs, Whitney Houston, and any other famous person who wasn’t a member of their provocative fellowship.

We live in a world where we advocate for free  speech, but it is disappointing that Westboro Baptist and it’s  founder, Fred Phelps, a former Civil Rights campaigner,  have chosen to air their distasteful, insensitive and disgusting views as an opportunity to score cheap points and social media followers .

I’m somewhat intrigued to see how their plans to picket Mandela’s funeral this Sunday, December 15 in protest of his ‘philandering’ will unfold. As a matter of fact, have they even arrived in South Africa yet? And if so, will they have the courage to follow through with their anti-Mandela crusade?

Warning: Below video contains hate, more hate and a whole lot of drivel.


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