Behind The Wall: A Portrait of Domestic Violence

Behind The Wall follows Birmingham North police on Operation Guardian, a new pilot initiative to tackle domestic violence, the work of Star Support, a charity for survivors, and the tales of abuse from women who bear in their flesh the bruises.

domesticHelen and her children were physically and mentally abused. But eventually she summoned the courage to deal with her abuser the only way she knew possible.

Behind The Wall provides a harrowing portrait of domestic violence, drawing heavily on testimonies of female survivors. Their moving accounts provide a glimpse into what it’s like to live with a violent partner. The conclusion is every bit as chilling and depressing as one might expect.

Angela Eyles and Brigida Varley, who run Star Support, a Birmingham-based charity that provides counselling for victims of domestic abuse, give an insight into what it’s like to deal with the human and emotional aftermath of domestic violence. A report published in 2013 to Birmingham Community Safety Partnership revealed that West Midlands Police have a success rate of only 16% in referring cases for prosecution.

We hear the other side, that of the police who are now piloting Operation Guardian, a new initiative to combat the rise in domestic violence. Bob Jones — Police and Crime Commissioner for West Midlands Police force —explains how firmly “committed” his force is in tackling the issue.



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